Apply die head?

Place the welding machine on the stander, chose die head according to pipe’s diameter, and fix it on the machine. In regular, the small end is at the front, the bigger end at the back.


Power on?

Power on (make sure the power should be with leakage current protector) , the green light and the red light on, wait till the red light off and keep greenlight on, which indicates the machine enter into auto temperature control mode and the machine can be used.

Note: during the auto temperature control mode, the red and the green light will be on and off alternatively, this indicates that the machine is under control and it will not affect operating.

Fusion pipes?

Using cutter to cut pipe vertically, push the pipe and fitting into die head without any rotation. Take them off immediately when heating time reached (see the table below) and insert.

External diameter Heating depth Heat time Process time Cool time
20 14 5 4 3
25 16 7 4 3
32 20 8 4 4
40 21 12 6 4
50 22.5 18 6 5
63 24 24 6 6